About SageVR: Conversations That Illuminate

Envisioning yourself in a positive future can be difficult, especially in the depths of despair. But what if, in your darkest hours, you can not only envision yourself positively, but actually look at a “future you”, talk to a “future you”?

Powered by cutting-edge conversational AI and hosted in an immersive VR setting, SageVR lets you converse with an aged-up version of yourself in a tranquil setting, absorb your own wisdom, and immerse yourself in a brighter, more hopeful future. SageVR is a proof of concept for a technology poised to transform the therapeutic landscape, a telescope into the infinite power of VR in mindfulness and therapy.

Our Inspiration

“Individuals who cannot imagine themselves behaving quite differently than they are currently behaving are likely to become trapped in their current behavioral course. Unable to cognitively counter their worries over being unemployed, alone, depressed, or engaged in crime in a believable, self-relevant way, these adolescents may be less motivated to avoid delinquent activity and to take the directive action necessary to prevent their feared selves from being realized.”

from “Possible Selves and Delinquency” by Daphna Oyserman and Hazel Rose Markus, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (1990)

The idea that cultivating a positive outlook on our future selves can have a positive impact on our present well-being inspired us to develop SageVR, a unique, multimodal approach to improving well-being by allowing individuals to communicate with their “future selves.” These virtual avatars offer positive reinforcements and encouraging messages that help individuals regain clarity and insight into their long-term aspirations.