Building conversations

that illuminate.

Meet SageVR — a collaboration between Georgia Tech and Emory students for powerful character creation in VR.

take self-reflection to new heights.

Using cutting-edge conversational AI and immersive virtual reality technology, SageVR creates a tranquil setting where users can engage in profound dialogue with their future selves.

Mental healthcare can be hard to access. We make it easier.

With SageVR, we can provide mental health support to the millions who are unable to receive help otherwise. We aim to provide individuals with a safe space—constructed virtually with state-of-the-art AI learning models and design—where they can be fully comfortable with their identity and engage in reflection with their future self.

“[Lack of] vividness of the future self is the only concept impacting on self-defeating behavior.”

Van Gelder, JL., Cornet, L.J.M., Zwalua, N.P. Et Al. Interaction With The Future Self In Virtual Reality Reduces Self-Defeating Behavior In A Sample Of Convicted Offenders. Sci Rep 12, 2254 (2022).

SageVR aims to allow people to view their future self, in a literal sense. We believe—with our belief backed by research studies—that by conversing and reflecting with our future selves, we can make better decisions in the present.

How it works.

SageVR combines advanced conversational AI with immersive virtual reality technology to create a transformative and mindful experience. Once you enter the virtual environment, you’ll encounter an older version of yourself, wise and serene, ready for a conversation.

Using state-of-the-art AI algorithms and 3D design techniques, SageVR analyzes your responses, tailors the dialogue & virtual environment to your unique needs, and provides insightful guidance and wisdom based on your current thoughts and your future self’s perspective.

Through this immersive interaction, you’ll gain new perspectives, tap into your own inner wisdom, and embark on a path of personal growth and self-discovery.

Join us in visualizing the future.

As a visionary organization or investor, joining forces with SageVR presents a unique opportunity to shape the future of mental well-being.

Together, we can forge a path towards transforming lives, pioneering advancements in mindfulness and therapy, and creating a lasting positive impact. Partner with SageVR today and embark on a remarkable journey of innovation, empowerment, and social change.

Award-Winning Design

SageVR is a proud winner of the 2023 ImmerseGT Hackathon: the world’s largest XR Hackathon intended to equip students with the skills and community needed to succeed in the extended reality industry. We have been working to bring this idea to fruition ever since.